Why Cooks Should Throw Out Their Old, Worn Non-Stick Pans–and Buy New Stone Cookware

Cooking with old, worn-out frying pan can expose the user and their family to many dangerous toxins. While some issues are readily apparent, others are not. Below are several signs that a frying pan should be replaced as soon as possible, as well as information on Granite frying pans.


When non-stick frying pans lose their coating, the surface can rust. At that point, it’s best to recycle the pan. After all, one doesn’t want to deal with rusty taste or flakes of non-stick coating in their food!

Broken Handles

A pan with a loose or weak handle can pose risks to safety and cooking. When frying or sautéing, the pan and the handle can separate and cause serious safety hazards and burns to the cook’s hands.

Sticking Food

This issue is common in conventional non-stick pans with Teflon coatings. Overheating such pans can cause food to stick because the coating melts under high heat. This presents a serious health hazard, as the coating is absorbed by the food and subsequently ingested by the cook and the rest of the family.

Stone Frying Pans Present a Healthier Alternative

Stone pans are made of metal coated with a thin oxide layer and kiln-baked to produce a strong, non-stick coating. There’s an art and a science to priming metal so the coating sticks, and different brands use varying methods. Below are several advantages of this unique new cookware:

  • No more stuck-on, burnt-on food. Stone frying pans have the most durable, rugged non-stick coating, which makes serving and cleanup a breeze.
  • Better health for the family. Stone pans are completely non-toxic, they are dishwasher safe, and they’re free of PFOAs to keep everyone healthy.
  • Savings. With stone frying pans, cooks can save money on oils and cooking sprays, because they no longer have to liberally apply oil to the pan before cooking.

Granit pans offer PFOA and PTFE cooking, non-stick convenience, the highest quality and they are the safest cookware available today. By considering the above risks of conventional cookware—and by learning about the benefits of stone frying pans—cooks can make an informed purchase decision.