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Why Your Tap Water Might Be Brown And How To Fix It

Almost everyone use tap water. Even if you are not using it today you might have to use it some other time. Having some insight on what can cause your water to look brown is important. It is only when you know the cause of a problem that you can fix it. You should be equipped with information. If the water is brown, there is a possibility that that water is unsafe to drink. If your tap water is discolored, there is a probability that water is not safe for consumption. The brown water might also be very unkind to your skin and it is therefore advisable not to use it to bathe.

If your water is brown, there are several things that could have happened. If there is a construction going on in the neighborhood, there is a chance it could be the reason. If that is the case, there is no need to worry because the water only looks bad but it is mostly safe. It is advisable to call the water department though, just to be sure that the cause of dirt is only what you think. Mostly they will notify you if there will be something to expect in your water.

If the source of water is new, then that could be the cause. Testing the water is advisable in such a case because it is water you have not used before. Lead poisoning is really bad, if you realize that your water is not safe then it is advisable to look for better option. We cannot survive without water, it is very vital that the water we use be the best water we can get.

Iron and manganese can also make your water look brown. The only way to know for sure is to test the water. The water is safe if the minerals are the cause of the brown colour in your tap water. Our bodies need those minerals. High amount of minerals such as magnesium and calcium however causes the water to become hard. It will make you use more detergent, more heat, clog pipes and even reduce the lifespan of your gadgets. To fix this problem, you will need water softener. It is cheaper.

Another cause is rust. Water with rust is not good for consumption. Repair in future will be inevitable if your pipes start getting rust. when this happens to you, just replace your pipes with copper. The best way however, is to use something that will fix most of your problems. Water softener will fix most of the problems. If your water is brown, don’t panic, just identify the problem and fix it.