1. On the top of the cupboards. OK, so light might be hard to get up there and the space is limited. You need a step stool just to water. But really this is a great place to grow things. Right? You can add lights and water trays and you might have a wonderful new place for a few more plants to live.
  2. On the kitchen table. Do you really ever eat at the big kitchen table? Do you really have to eat there? You have room on top of and beneath it. All the chairs could be used for plant stands too! Just a great space to open up and use. What, you have to use the table? OK, why not make your plants the centerpiece!
  3. Bathroom. Add some grow lights and hooks or shelves and you have a great place for small growing, tropical plants. Want to get really into the fun? Try them in the shower too! They can really add that tropical feel to the whole event and make for a jungle in there.
  4. TV stand. Who has the time for TV? After all, if you are here on Dave’s what more do you need? So push the old TV out the door and have some fun watching the begonias grow! What is better than your very own tropical floor show! Add some pet tree frogs and there you have it a show that never stops and never sleeps.
  5. Guest room. Kids moving out? Spare room you try to leave for guests? Why not make this a plant space! Really, this is the way to go and, unlike leaving a bed there, the kids don’t want to move back in after they leave if their space is full of plants.
  6. Work out space. Let’s face the truth. If we garden, we don’t need to work out. So get rid of that wasted space and put some plants there. Spend the extra thirty minutes or so each day in the garden getting house plant pots ready and you have that work out done!
  7. In the sink! What do you really need the other half of the sink for? There are so many plants that could fill that space so much better than some old dishes. Just do your dishes in steps and there you go – half a sink for dishes.
  8. Window sills. Have you filled them all? Double check and find that empty spot in the middle of one somewhere. Go ahead – you know there is a little spot in one of the windows. What about adding shelves to the windows a little farther up, too? Might not hold big plants, but just a few more is all you really need.
  9. Hallways. Why waste all that hallway space? Put shelves up on one side, add some grow lights, and there you go! A whole other place for the plants you love to grow. This is the perfect spot for some of those dry soil loving plants since watering is going to be an issue here.
  10. Where you park the car. Garage, street or drive – that is space you can use! Add grow lights to the garage or throw up a portable greenhouse in the street or drive. Who knows, maybe even a plant or two in the cart also? You can always park a little farther away for the added plant room.

So there you go. Just when you thought you did not have any more room for plants, we have come up with more places you can use for plants.