Plants for your pond surround

You can put any plant around your pond, but try to keep in mind how the plants will look all year long. Mixing in plants that will provide fall and winter interest will increase the longevity of beauty around your pond. You also have to contemplate which plants will behave themselves next to your beloved pond. You don’t want plants that drop too many leaves or buds, which could clog your filter and muck up your water. You also don’t want plants that have voracious roots which could puncture your liner or crowd out other plants.

Grasses can also be a great addition to the area around your pond. People seem to either love the look of grass or hate it. Grass may not be the focal point or your favorite showpiece in the garden, but it can add such a dimension of texture it’s worth a second look. Grasses are usually drought tolerant and love heat, so they are perfect for a dry area around your pond. If you can find a grass native to your area, it may be completely maintenance free and draw more wildlife to your water feature.

Any plant that you put around your pond should compliment both the plants within in your pond, in the rest of your garden, and each other. Be creative and experiment with the plants you use for your sunny, dry pond surround!